Entrepreneur and ex engineer, Brian Wilcox wanted to launch his newest invention, the Brizebox. A secure parcel delivery drop-box ensuring on-line shoppers received their orders safely without having to wait in all day for a courier.

Hawkey PR was asked to distribute the first wave of press releases introducing the product to the appropriate UK media.

Services provided for Brizebox:

  • Initial consultation and communication plan
  • Strategy meetings for a three month period
  • Research of relevant journalists and bloggers
  • Production and distribution of press releases and images
  • Production of tailored media content to ensure key brand messaging
  • Follow-up liaison with journalists, bloggers and publications
  • Website consultation on key images and messaging
  • Research into trade fairs and potential pop-up events
  • Input into social media content
  • Management of website press/media page

Results achieved for Brizebox:

  • Relationships built with relevant journalists and bloggers
  • 19 articles and reviews in various publications including Ideal Home Magazine (Christmas edition), Home Designer & Architect (Editor’s choice), Engineering & Technology, Warehouse Logistics International, Waterways World, Qube Magazine, Facilities Management Journal, Building Solutions  as well as influential on-line fashion sites such as Every Model Group
  • A secure place for the curated ‘Home Delivery World’ 2017 London Design Show
  • Brand awareness and sales in the UK market
  • A successful ‘soft’ launch giving a strong platform for a comprehensive launch of the second edition of the ‘smart’ Brizebox (Spring 2017)



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