Over the years I have curated, coordinated and facilitated many events.
These have varied from corporate team building events, client dinners, film screenings, music, art and product launches.

I have a team of professionals at hand and between us we can deliver on everything from initial concepts, set design and catering to staff resource.

The key to a successful event is to have your plan A, but also as a back-up have a plan B and C. Always have checklists and then even more checklists!

Most of all, an event should be fun and memorable, otherwise why go to all the bother?

Some of the companies and brands I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with are:

Barbican Music Library
Bill Amberg
Blues Fest
Boy from the Crowd
Classic Album Sundays
Copper Consultancy
Diverse Records
Independent Label Market
London Video Productions
Loud & Clear
Nightshift Films
Orbit Brewery
Public Pressure
Renaissance Audio
Sister Ray Records
Some Ideas
Sonata Hi-Fi