‘Yvonne’s excellent community skills, patience and understanding of the issues faced by local people, who have been going through a very tough time, can only be rated as excellent.’
E Panahi, Managing Director, Royal Docks Learning & Activity Centre

‘Working with Yvonne is a pleasure. She is passionate about people and is a highly skilled communicator. In the ten years I have worked with her she has been an enthusiastic and dedicated team member and has successfully delivered on a number of construction projects. Her goal is always to enhance client reputation and leave a legacy while encouraging contractors to consider the needs of the local community.’
Christine Evans, Account Director, Copper Consultancy

Yvonne is a highly experienced Community Relations specialist with over 12 years’ experience of working for major infrastructure projects for clients such as National Grid and Crossrail. She is particularly skilled at face-to-face community liaison with a down-to-earth approach to working with local communities, winning hearts and minds. Her sincere, informed approach ensures that a mutually beneficial dialogue is created between the community, developer and third parties. She was responsible for all aspects of project delivery and managed client accounts to an extremely high standard, delivering budgets, reports and materials in an extremely professional manner.
Becky Borrow, Head of Operations, Copper Consultancy

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